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Date : Fri, 28 Sep 2007 01:39:58 -0500
De : "Thomas L. Shinnick"
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Objet : Re: [Proftpd-user] Filtering out certain characters in files names
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> At 11:43 PM 9/27/2007, Jacques Beaudoin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to filter out certain french characters
>> in the new files names that my users create,
>> can that be done in proftpd.conf or in linux.
>> For exemple replace a ' with a space

> I'm not sure about how to get your special characters into the
> proftpd.conf, but I have a "replace this with that" example.
> I needed to 'help' a remote application that couldn't help but use
> Windows path separators, '\' backslashes. I needed to translate those
> into 'normal' path delimiters, forward-slashes. For this I used the
> mod_rewrite tool.
> RewriteEngine on
> # Define a map that uses the internal "replaceall" function
> RewriteMap replace int:replaceall
> # Try handling Windows-specific filepaths, converting any embedded
> # backslash char path delimiters to forward-slash chars
> RewriteCondition %m
> RewriteRule ^(.*) "${replace:!$1!\\!/}"
> # The log is _very_ nice while testing and trying to understand what
> # is going on, but gets big quickly. Disable for production.
> # RewriteLog /var/log/proftpd.rewrite.log
> Once you have built/rebuilt with "--with-modules=3D....:mod_rewrite:...",
> you still need to enable the rewrite feature with the
> RewriteEngine on
> statement. I'm a bit hazy on 'why' the magic with RewriteMap, but this
> allows me to use the string replacement feature.
> I try to be careful which commands I do the replace on, by using the
> RewriteCondition to say only change the parameters of file-oriented
> commands. For instance, one test I did was to use backslashes in a
> password. Since 'PASS' is not in this list the password worked just
> fine.
> Finally there is the real magic - the RewriteRule. This says to
> capture as the string to process the entire parameter to the command
> (that's the "^(.*)" part; hmm, maybe that should've been "^(.*)$" to be
> more correct).
> Then we have the actual replacement request. Apply the 'replace'
> transformation to the captured string value ("$1") by running the
> regular expression "replace any backslash characters with forward-slash
> characters".
> It might be possible you could use something like
> RewriteRule ^(.*) "${replace:/$1/`/ }"
> RewriteRule ^(.*) "${replace:/$1/=E9/e}"
> RewriteRule ^(.*) "${replace:/$1/=E8/e}"
> all in sequence to do the character translations you want to do.
> But unless it is just a few characters you might want to investigate
> the map-type:txt version of RewriteMap. TJ Saunders may have some
> helpful pointers to doing it that way.
> The docs are in doc/contrib/mod_rewrite.html and also at
> I find the rewrite module *very* useful for strange requirements like
> you mention. Thanks again TJ!
>> Best regards
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