Hi All,
I recently setup a few Samba shares, which my group uses quite a bit.

Samba is blocked at the campus border routers. Therefore, my users
tunnel Samba through VPN when they are off-campus. Unfortunately, VPN is
not an option for certain off-campus users.

For these off-campus users, I setup a ProFTP (FTPS) server for them to
access (read/write) the Samba shares. This works out well, and preserves
the special permissions, i.e. umask and group ownership of the Samba
files and subdirectories.

Someone recently asked why I didn't use SFTP. I told them that there are
numerous roadblocks to setting up a shared directory space accessible
(read/write) via SFTP since SFTP does not preserve the aforementioned
special permissions (https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1310)
without a patch (http://sftpfilecontrol.sourceforge.net).

Basically, am I taking the right approach to use FTPS versus SFTP

I see many organizations replacing FTP with SFTP. Is FTP going to be
supported for a while? Once I give this service off to users, I will
have to support it for quite a while.


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