On 27.07.07 10:05, Excalibur Xcalibur wrote:
> I recently setup a server with Fedora Core 6 Linux. My FTP server
> is proftpd. Now everything's fine except that downloads and uploads via FTP
> is taking ages (1minute per Mb!). And this is irritating users. When I use a
> Samba share, then downloading and uploading files are almost instantaneous.

which modules do you have loaded? mod_ratio probably?
mod_tls? Don't clients use SSL?

> Also I switched off proftpd and used vsftpd and it was damn fast.
> Although I disabled the "reverse DNS" and used the following configurations:
> IdentLookups off
> UseReverseDNS off

these modify behaviour on new control connection, they don't affect data

> ListOptions "" maxdepth 3
> ListOptions "" maxdirs 10
> ListOptions "" maxfiles 1000
> Well it's still the same thing. Any clues how to debug?

try playing with UseSendFile, and please report potential success
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