> I configured proftpd to jail account to be
> in its home directory.
> How could I config proftpd to let a user to be at a
> special directory after he logged in.
> E.g.
> In order to ease people's operation, I plan to
> exec "cd" automatically, for example:
> After log in, accout "joe" will exec "cd
> /home/doc" automatically.

You can do this using a combination of DefaultRoot and DefaultChdir.
Let's assume, for your example, that user 'joe' has a home directory of
/home/users/joe. Under that home directory, there is a directory, doc/ --
and you want every user to be restricted to their home directory, but
start off in the doc/ directory. Simple:

DefaultRoot ~
DefaultChdir doc

What happens if that ~/doc/ directory doesn't exist? The login will still
succeed; the user will simply start off (still jailed) in their home

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