On 03.07.07 09:30, Uzee wrote:
> Hope this is the right place to ask for help....

please set up your mailer to wrap lines up to 80 characters per line (72 to
76 is fine, I prefer 72).

> I have a Virtual private server (VPS) through a webhost for a test
> application. The VPS is running Fedora core 5 and has proftp installed,
> but it doesn't run. First I tried the original /etc/proftpd.conf file but
> it gave me same errors, then I also used the "Basic" config file from the
> site to try it, but no luck. The basic config file is :
> http://www.proftpd.org/docs/configs/basic.conf
> I'm trying to login as root and i get:
> F:\Documents and Settings\>ftp
> Connected to .
> 220 FTP Server ready.
> User (IP addresnone)): root
> 331 Password required for root.

logging as root is usually disabled for security reasons. Check
documentation for explanation.

> Jul 3 01:29:05 host proftpd[15433]: host - Failed binding to, port 21: Address already in use
> Jul 3 01:29:05 host proftpd[15433]: host - Check the ServerType directive to ensure you are configured correctly.
> It appears that with this option its complaining about port21 in use, and
> infact it is, by xinetd, see the netstat output below:
> tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3446/xinetd
> tcp 0 0* LISTEN 12144/sshd
> tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3446/xinetd
> Do I need to kill xinetd to run proftp..?? doesn't sound like a very
> logical thing to do.....

either run proftpd via xinetd, or set up xinetd NOT to listen on port 21.

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