I have a similar problem, with 1.3 running on Ubuntu 7.04. I am only
running a single server, so my configuration is very different. It
really looks like there is some sort of memory leak, as everything
starts off fine when the server is first rebooted, but over time, the
performance of the server as a whole will begin to slow down. When I
restart the server (by forcing a 'reboot -n'), MySQL takes close to 30
minutes to stop.

So far, my only solution is to reboot the server on a regular basis.

Mike McGonagle

On 7/18/07, Carlos Eduardo Maiolino wrote:
> hello friends.
> I use the Proftpd 1.2.10 and I have many problems with the mysql
> authentication.
> If you use the system users to authenticate de Ftp clients, my ftp server=

> very fast, but if i use the mysql authentication ( Mysql 4.1.22), The
> Authentication is very slow or to many times don't connect ( Connection
> Time Out).
> But this problem, is recently and i don't change nothing.
> I have 5 server with 5000 users each one.
> I have 1 MySql Server with 1 databases with 5 tables to authenticate my 5
> servers.
> Please, Help-me
> Thank's
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