Hello TJ,

Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 6:30:27 AM, you wrote:

>> Is it possible to get password for non-anonymous user here?

TS> No. The passwords for non-anonymous users are tightly restricted, for
TS> good reason. If you really have that kind of authentication need, you
TS> might look into writing an auth module.

What do you mean about "auth module"?
I have no experience in programming modules for proftpd. My idea is to
hack mod_sql, add something like:
#if defined(HAVE_DBL_MD5_SLT)
{"DBL_MD5_W_SLT", check_auth_dbl_md5, PLAINTEXT_AUTH_FLAG},

Salt value could be got via passwd variable from database (i.e SQL
fields concat - 32 bytes for password, 3 bytes for salt)

I think this must be easy enough for me, but it smells like dirty hack

But this will allow me to auth against web forum php software db (i.e
vbulletin, phpbb ...)

What is your opinion?

Best regards,
Maxim mailto:maxim@osetia.org

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