> Users are able to connect to the server without issue. However when
> attempting to upload a file, Leech reports the following error...
> ! Upload failed on (/Ops_Test/bfi.exe). (upload not allowed)

So the error message about which the email subject exclaims is a client
error message?

> followed by...
> ~ Upload complete on ftp.dpi.nsw.gov.au (/Ops_Test/bfi.exe).
> A check of the directory shows that the file was uploaded successfully.
> The LeechFtp log shows...

Perhaps your client is complaining about the following:

> [09:40@03.07.07] 0x00000468 > REST 1
> [09:40@03.07.07] 0x00000468 < 501 REST: Resuming transfers not allowed in
> ASCII mode

The cause of which is documented:


The proftpd debug logging shows that client then goes on to specify a
binary type for uploads, and successfully uploads the file.

If anything, this shows an issue with how your client reports such things,
not with proftpd per se.


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Lord, what fools these mortals be!


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