> him that the directory was empty, even though the 450 response does not
> appear to be part of the RFC standards for FTP. (Unless I'm mistaken.)

You're mistaken. As per RFC959:


Section 4.2.1, the 450 response code indicates:

450 Requested file action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file busy).

Section 5.4 explicitly indicates that the 450 response code is legal for
both the LIST and NLST commands:

125, 150
226, 250
425, 426, 451
500, 501, 502, 421, 530

125, 150
226, 250
425, 426, 451
500, 501, 502, 421, 530

Neither RFC959, nor any other FTP-related RFC, mandates which response
codes are to be used for which specific conditions for directory listings;
that is intentionally left to the server implementors.


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