>Mac OSX 10.2.8
>ProFTPd 1.2.8 (w/MySQL)
>MySQL 4.0
>This system has worked flawlessly for years. Suddenly yesterday the
>server would not respond to FTP client requests. It would start a new
>process for each connection and then hang until the processor was
>overwhelmed and the server restarted.

My comment is likely not relevant, but I'm going to post it anyway
since the symptoms are identical to a problem with the xftpd that
comes with OSX Server.

If you have any problem with a sharepoint, every ftp connection to
OSX Server will spawn a new xftpd process which is unable to
communicate with the client. Since the likely response on the part of
the client operator is to try it again and again to see if it begins
to work, multiple useless xftpd processes soon overwhelm the
processor. Of course, you can kill the processes instead of
rebooting, but that doesn't solve the connection problem.

Since proftpd is not controlled by launchd (unless you set it up that
way), mine is very likely /not/ your explanation, especially for
Jaguar, but just in case you run other processes that create/use
sharepoints (e.g. afp, webdav), your culprit may lie there. As TJ
said, *something* has changed whether you think it has or not.

Since you are presumably authenticating against credentials stored in
mysql, are you sure the problem is not with that?

Stefan Jeglinski

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