I just installed ProFTPd with MySQL support for virtual users but it
doesn't seem to work.
I'm running debian etch and the server has been installed via APT
(proftpd-mysql with proftpd as dependency).
All the mysql tables & db's are configured, as well as the proftpd.conf
file with the dbms connections.

The problem is that when I try to connect (both with existing and
non-existing username) the connections is immediately closed.
>From the log it's not really easy to understand what's going on:

> Apr 02 14:29:24 bnix proftpd[10548] bnix.vp44.net: ProFTPD 1.3.0 (stable) (built mar gen 2 10:57:47 CET 2007) standalone mode STARTUP
> Apr 02 14:29:37 bnix proftpd[10553] bnix.vp44.net (81-208-83-254.fastres.net[]): FTP session closed.
> Apr 02 14:30:21 bnix proftpd[10676] bnix.vp44.net (bnix.vp44.net[]): FTP session closed.

I tried also to connect from localhost with shell ftp client:

> bnix:/var/log# ftp localhost
> Connected to bnix.vp44.net.
> 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
> ftp>

I read 421 is a generic error code so that's not helping much. Is there
any way to get more information about what is proftpd doing (messages
and syslog are pretty much the same)?

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