> Since I was worrying about anything that might have a path in it, I
> was thinking specifically about "SITE CHMOD",
> SITE CHMOD mode pathname
> Thus I had disgustingly shoddy attempts such as
> RewriteCondition %m "^SITE$"
> RewriteRule "^(.*) +(.*)" "$1 ${replace:!$2!\\!/}"
> and
> RewriteRule "^[Cc][Hh][Mm][Oo][Dd] +(.*)" "CHMOD
> ${replace:!$1!\\!/}"
> When testing I'd see total strangeness
> ftp> site chmod 600 temp\\arf1
> 550 temp\arf1: No such file or directory
> [27/Mar/2007:18:12:51] "SITE CHMOD 600 temp/arf1" 550 -
> ftp> site chmod 600 temp/arf1
> 200 SITE CHMOD command successful
> [27/Mar/2007:18:13:32] "SITE CHMOD " 200 -
> So it was as though the rewritten arguments were not being used, and
> the logging was of what should have been used, but strange even at
> that? I've not turned on the rewrite debugging log yet, or I'd send
> you that so as not to trouble you.

I've just opened:


for this enhancement. Would you attach a RewriteLog, from the above
configuration, to that bug report, please?


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-Lord Byron

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