> And it is working fine, where I can even say "CD \\temp\\" in the
> command line client and we act as though "CD /temp/" had been
> entered. But I wonder about a couple things...
> First question is, will I run into any problems if the arguments
> (filenames and paths) contain '!" characters? I haven't been able to
> break it yet, but I worry.

You might. The mod_rewrite function which handles the 'replaceall'
functionality assumes that the first character is the delimiter ('!' in
your case). It will then look for the _next_ occurrence of this
character, to figure out how long a string is encompassed by those
characters. No escaping is currently supported. If that happens, you
might try to find another rare character not shouldn't appear in file
names, e.g. '@' or '`' or ']' or somesuch.

> Second question is, is it worth it for clarity to change to the form:
> RewriteCondition %m "^CWD$" [OR]
> RewriteCondition %m "^XCWD$" [OR]
> RewriteCondition %m "^MKD$" [OR]
> RewriteCondition %m "^XCWD$" [OR]
> : : : :
> RewriteCondition %m "^DELE$" [OR]
> RewriteCondition %m "^MDTM$"
> RewriteRule ^(.*) "${replace:!$1!\\!/}"

That's a style question. Personally, I would say "yes", but then I tend
to prefer verbose configs which are easier to read on sight.

> Third question, has anybody tried using mod_rewrite with some of the
> extended/optional commands, such as "SITE CHMOD" ? It seems to very
> badly not work, as though the code will always use the original argument
> texts.

What sort of "SITE" mod_rewrite configurations have you tried, for my

The proftpd internals do some strange gymnastics to handle SITE commands,
so I'm not at all surprised to hear that mod_rewrite doesn't handle them
as well as it might...


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