Mark Nienberg wrote:
> I'm building a new fedora core 6 proftpd server to replace my older fedora core 3
> server. This time, I'm using mod_sql with mysql as the database. I've installed
> everything from the fedora rpms and it works just fine in my testing but I have not
> put it in production yet.
> Sometimes I find the daemon isn't running anymore:
> [root@pilsner ~]# service proftpd status
> proftpd is dead but pid file exists
> I thought at first the weekly logrotate was killing it but if I manually run the line
> test -f /var/lock/subsys/proftpd && /usr/bin/killall -HUP proftpd
> it does not die.

More investigation points again at the logrotate. First of all the time of death is
consistent with the weekly log rotation (04:17 on a Sunday).

Then I ran the command manually again:
/usr/bin/killall -HUP proftpd

and this time in the messages log:

Mar 27 12:50:46 pilsner proftpd[7880]: - received SIGHUP --
master server rehashing configuration file
Mar 27 12:50:46 pilsner proftpd[7880]: - ProFTPD terminating
(signal 11)
Mar 27 12:50:46 pilsner proftpd[7880]: - FTP session closed.

now check status again:

[root@pilsner ~]# service proftpd status
proftpd dead but pid file exists

Those log entries are the same as the ones from Sunday morning. I'll comment out the
killall in /etc/logrotate.d/proftpd for now.

Anyone else see this happening? Thanks,

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