I have a following problem. I have a proftpd with radius auth configured
on one server. I decided to move it to another one with the same
operating system, same distro and so on (Debian Etch 2.6.18). The
problem is, on the other server authentication suddenly stopped working.
Namely I'm getting Digest mismatch error on proftpd and "WARNING:
Unprintable characters in the password. ? Double-check the shared
secret on the server and the NAS!" on my freeradius. I know the secrets
are right, cause I've just copied the proftpd configs and the radius
entries for this client. I've sniffed the auth packed from proftp and i
got something like this:

Access Request (1), id: 0xf6, Authenticator:
Username Attribute (1), length: 11, Value: xxxxxxxxx
0x0000: 3232 3433 3436 3937 30
Password Attribute (2), length: 18, Value:
0x0000: d88e ea1e 8dec 467b b727 067f 0d86 85cf
NAS ID Attribute (32), length: 5, Value: ftp
0x0000: 6674 70
NAS Port Attribute (5), length: 6, Value: 21
0x0000: 0000 0015
NAS Port Type Attribute (61), length: 6, Value: Virtual
0x0000: 0000 0005
Calling Station Attribute (31), length: 16, Value: xxx.xxx.xx.xxx
0x0000: 3231 372e 3131 392e 3634 2e32 3137
Service Type Attribute (6), length: 10, Value: ERROR: length 8
!= 4
0x0000: 0000 0001 0000 0000

Does anyone have any idea where did my password go (the password is
unprintable I know) and why is the Service-Type messed up? Thanks for
any help

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