I have a strange problem. I have many multifunctional
Toshiba machines and all of them are configured to
send scanned documents to a proftp server.
All of them work except one.

>From what I can see from the proftpd's log the client

(toshiba) never sends the PASS command.
I've also confirmed the same with tcpdump. The client
simply does not send the PASS command, so the login
fails. Even so, the client continues to send its rest
commands, which of course fail.

The really strange thing is that it was working the
last 2 days, when I added:
IdentLookups off
but today it was doing again the same problem...

Here is the proftpd's log: UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:57:17
+0200] "USER scandngftp2cn" 331 - UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:57:17
+0200] "PORT 10,9,201,34,4,5" - - UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:57:17
+0200] "NLST -1" - - UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:57:17
+0200] "PORT 10,9,201,34,4,6" - - UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:57:17
+0200] "NLST" - -

This is a normal log from another woking toshiba: UNKNOWN nobody [21/Mar/2007:10:59:31
+0200] "USER scandngftp3v" 331 - UNKNOWN scandngftp3v [21/Mar/2007:10:59:31
+0200] "PASS (hidden)" 230 - UNKNOWN scandngftp3v [21/Mar/2007:10:59:32
+0200] "TYPE I" 200 - UNKNOWN scandngftp3v [21/Mar/2007:10:59:32
+0200] "PORT 10,9,201,33,126,9" 200 -

Any suggestions?

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