Hi, I'm using proftpd 1.3.0a on redhat fc6 and trying to tune the anon login to my proftpd server. I'd like to have anon login allowed to only one IP adress like this:



Order allow,deny
Allow from
Deny from all


The only difference from the above part of my cfg file is the IP - I use static public IP, the rest is copied.
When I have this config, I'm unable to login, when set -d 10 option at startup, there is message about restrictions applied and login fails with 530.
When I change the 'Allow from' to 'Allow from my.domain.name' login works fine. I also tried to change UseReverseDNS parameter with no success.
I found nothing about the need to change any other parameters in DOC to set up 'allow from' properly.

Does someone have any hints?
Thank you

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