I wanted to drop a note here in case someone else runs into this
incompatibility after upgrading Microsoft Internet Explorer to version 7.

User complained saying she couldn't get into the FTP site "like she
used to", and like she had just 3 days before. Tech guy mentioned
some things that got me worried, and so I re-checked using my IE7.

And... you can no longer get "folder view" from within IE7. You can
get only the web listing format display, which rather frustrates
users that are used to drag-n-drop style usage.

I checked out the settings under IE's Tools / Internet Options /
Advanced, and noticed the pertinent option _now_ reads "Enable FTP
folder view (outside of Internet Explorer)", where the difference is
the "(outside of Internet Explorer)" addition.

I then tried from Windows Explorer and finally got the expected
folder view, after entering the "ftp://ftp.budgie.com/" string into
the address bar. So it just doesn't work in IE anymore. Uh, thank
you Microsoft.

I tried creating a desktop shortcut with the URL, but that again
opened up IE and not in folder view. (Thank you again,
Microsoft) But when I forced the use of Windows Explorer, by using
this as the location,
%windir%\explorer.exe ftp://useridassword@ftp.budgie.com/
then the shortcut worked as desired, opening up a new explorer window
in folder view.

Now why should righteous Microsoft hating dudes disdainful of IE and
other devil spawn care? Because now FireFox (at least) won't do
folder view either... (Have I said "thank you Microsoft" ?)

So watch out for newly confused site users. Remind them of that
Microsoft slogan "where do you want to go today", but mention that no
one said which parts, personal or otherwise, will be working when you
get there.

I'm a pessimist about probabilities; I'm an optimist about possibilities.
Lewis Mumford (1895-1990)

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