> # LDAP
> LDAPAuthBinds on
> LDAPServer localhost
> LDAPDNInfo cn=my-great-user,ou=srv-account,dc=netlabs,dc=org my-great-pwd
> LDAPDoAuth on "ou=Users,dc=netlabs,dc=org"
> LDAPDoGIDLookups on "ou=Group,dc=netlabs,dc=org"
> RequireValidShell off
> the config of the ftp section:
> AllowGroup samba
> Deny ALL


> Permissions of the directory when I login with an ftp client:
> drwxrwxr-x 2 root samba 1024 Nov 6 22:32 samba
> ou=Group,dc=netlabs,dc=org contains posixGroup entries and my user is in
> the memberUid attribute (as "string" username, not as numeric uid).

What is the numeric ID of that group being returned by LDAP? What does
'ls -n' (for showing ownership in IDs, not names) for that directory show?
Remember that ls, by default, uses /etc/passwd for resolving user and
group IDs to names. So just because ls shows the same group _name_
doesn't mean that LDAP and /etc/passwd are using the same group _ID_. And
permissions, checked by the filesystem, are determined by IDs, not names.

Hope this helps,

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