Dear group,

I got proftpd to work with LDAP, I can resolve uids with LDAP and it
obviously can also resolve gids that reside in LDAP.

When I give a LDAP user permissions to a directory it works just fine,
when I do the same for a group I just get a "permission denied".

I had a look at the LDAP logs and I don't see any attempt of proftpd to
check if the user is in the group the directory belongs to.


LDAPAuthBinds on
LDAPServer localhost
LDAPDNInfo cn=my-great-user,ou=srv-account,dc=netlabs,dc=org my-great-pwd
LDAPDoAuth on "ou=Users,dc=netlabs,dc=org"
LDAPDoGIDLookups on "ou=Group,dc=netlabs,dc=org"
RequireValidShell off

the config of the ftp section:

AllowGroup samba
Deny ALL

Permissions of the directory when I login with an ftp client:

drwxrwxr-x 2 root samba 1024 Nov 6 22:32 samba

ou=Group,dc=netlabs,dc=org contains posixGroup entries and my user is in
the memberUid attribute (as "string" username, not as numeric uid).

Anyone got that properly to work and can give me some hints?



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