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Op 24 Feb 07 schreef Matus UHLAR - fantomas aan

>> In my files data base I have symbolic links from real names to
>> all uppercase names. Like: Latin9.zip ->
>> /home/ftp/pub/msdos/bbs/LATIN9.ZIP When people try to get the
>> symbolic link, they get the message: file not found [or words
>> to that effect].

MUf> do you use the "DefaultRoot ~" directive for users? If so, you
MUf> need to know that symbolic links are evaluated relative to
MUf> current root directory, and users probably do not have /home/ftp
MUf> in their directories.

Yes, that causes the problem. And I did not know what I needed to
know I tried to use relative symbolic links for a couple of
files and that works.

MUf> Coouldn't you just use relative names in those symlinks? If not,

Those links are set up by another program. I already sent the author
a request to change that or to make it optional.

MUf> use mod_vroot for virtual chroot functionality.

I could not any information about mod_root. Could you please tell me
more about it?

MUf> And btw, isn't is LATIN9.ZIP symlink to Latin9.zip ?

I don't think so, but I might be wrong. I believe that LATIN9.ZIP
is the "physical" file and Latin9.zip the symbolic link to it.

Thank you for your help!



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