> mod_ldap's LDAPDoAuth directive provides a way to provide a search filter:
> Perhaps this can be used for your situation?
> Cheers,
> TJ

It seems I eagerly ran off to try this (my usual vivid optimism) but
forgot half of what I need.

I just confirmed, that yes, the custom search string works (in my case
"(|(uid=%v)(mail=%v))"), however the server still thinks that the user's
'name' is the value of the uid attribute, and not the attribute I need
(either the uidNumber or the CN attribute).

So for example I can now login with my email address OK, but only an ACL
with my username allows me to pass, and I cannot instead use my numeric
ID in the acl.

So I guess I now need a way to somehow tell the LDAP module which of the
entry's attributes to *return* as the 'uid' (in my case that would be
uidNumber)... then I can place the perm id in my ACLs.


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