TJ Saunders wrote:
>> My first thought on how I could do this with proftpd, was to try using
>> the mod_ldap module to connect to my ldap server (which already has
>> entries based on UID-DNs and not non-permanent ones) (i.e
>> CN=12345,OU=Users,DC=somedom,DC=com). However I am not able (or have not
>> found how to) define a custom search query -- one that would allow a
>> match based on the email and other attribute, then return a full DN that
>> the module will try to bind to using the user's password.
>> So, is there a way I can customize mod_ldap's LDAP search string?

> mod_ldap's LDAPDoAuth directive provides a way to provide a search filter:
> Perhaps this can be used for your situation?
> Cheers,
> TJ

Yes, I think that will do it!! Thank you VERY much, sir!!!


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