Sorry if I am some sort of annoying, but I am really curious in this
case. Latest SUN patch fixed following bug:

Bug ID: 6476945
Synopsis: System unable to reboot properly after proftp ftp session.
Category: kernel
Subcategory: streams

System unable to reboot after proftp ftp session. On a subsequent "init
6" the system appears to go all the way down until "uadmin 2 0" is
running then the systems controller or lom initiates a XIR. Problems
dependant on proftp version, kernel patch level.

Problem witnessed on Sf25k/Sf6900/Sf490.

The problem cannot be reproduced with Sun's ftp package. However proftp
is a widely used ftp package, and bugs descriptions found on the proftp
website actually point to Solaris OS bugs for root cause.

Problem easily reproducable. See below:

High level reproduction steps:
- Install Solaris 8
- Install kernel patch 117350-38
- Instal Ncurses library
- Install Proftpd package 1.2.9 - Conduct an ftp session
- init 6
- System will hang/crash reboot when it has almost reached OBP.

Note: If an open ftp session is running during the "init 6" a crashdump
CAN be made, otherwise it cannot!!
Crashdumps available, Solaris sustaining involved, OP N1 currently
reproducing this problem.

Work Around:
Find kernel patch and proftpd version that match together. (See

BUG ID 4817079 has no more info inside, but, according SUN, it was fixed
in previous patches. I was not able to find anything in proftpd
discussion beside this bug (SUN is refering to some information on
proftp website).

With best regards

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> Actually problem we see is related with our server running 117350-41
> kernel. SUN recommend to fix this by applying patch 117350-45. From
> description of bug fixed with this patch I understood that bug was
> introduced with patch 117350-38. 117350-45 is release to fix specific
> problems related with proftp:
> BUG ID 6476945: System unable to reboot properly after proftp ftp
> session.
> In thread http://bugs.proftpd.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2336 there is

> that problem is related with bug "4817079 open/close of /dev/log leaks
> kernel memory".
> But this bug was fixed in 117350-02.... So what? SUN reintroduced same
> bug with -38 and fixed again in -45?....
> I also want make others aware about possible problems with syslog
> service in kernel revisions from -38 till -44.

Part of the issue is that it's hard to know what is going on; many on
list (myself included) do not have Sunsolve access, so knowing what
patch numbers, from Sun, mean is difficult.


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