> I understand this. But SUN said this crash is related only with proftpd
> daemon. Also from their comments I understood, that they simply
> implemented some additional checks to not allow system crash when this
> specific run state happens (it is between proftpd and syslog (to be more
> exact /dev/console) kernel module.
> Thus possibly SUN solution was simply to not allow proftp to execute
> something in a way, that system will crash.

That's the theory. However, Sun has in no way ever communicated anything
of the sort to the ProFTPD Project to indicate an issue with proftpd's
usage of system calls. Thus there's no way of us to know anything about
the issue, much less correct it.

Perhaps Sun's issue is referring to this:


In that particular instance, I had to actively approach Sun in order to
find the root the problem; Sun was not helpfuly in any way, shape, or form
as a business entity.


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