On 1/24/2007 5:43 AM, Buozis, Martynas wrote:

> I am just curious in opinion about one incident we had recently. Our
> Solaris 8 server started to crash occasionally. SUN support said, that
> we hit this bug:
> 6476945 System unable to reboot properly after proftp ftp session.
> According their statement sometimes when proftpd exits (calls exit() )
> it crashes whole SUN box. This bug also depends on the combination of
> which version of proftpd and which kernel patch level is used.
> A fix is available as patch 117350-45 since January 11th.
> So my question is if people are aware about it and is it a proftpd a
> problem because of some bad(?) coding?
> I am just interested in opinion about third party software reliability
> while running on SUN box and who in reality this time did wrong coding -
> SUN or Proftpd developers ?

The usual way to find out who did something wrong is to look at the
solution. In this case, Sun had to issue a kernel patch so they were
obviously in the wrong. If the kernel was correct but ProFTPd had a
bug, the patch would have had to come from the ProFTPd developers.
ProFTPd didn't have the issue - it just triggered the Solaris kernel bug.

This simply stresses the requirement to be current on your patches - for
both the operating system and your applications.


Ed Wilts, Mounds View, MN, USA

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