Me again,

just discovered that I also patched mod_exec. I know that it's not
recommended and not part of the default distribution but I would
like to share it anyway:

< if (session.xfer.p && session.xfer.path) {
> if (!strcmp(cmd->argv[0], C_RNTO)) {
> sstrncpy(arg, dir_abs_path(cmd->tmp_pool, cmd->arg, TRUE),

> } else if (session.xfer.p && session.xfer.path) {

This is found in exec_subst_var() inside if (strstr("%f", varstr))...

Same reason as the previous patch. I use it to move uploaded files once
they are uploaded. But the script does not get the path if the client
uploads into a directory where files are affected (the script decides
folders it wants files to be moved from) and then only moves them to the
folder where files will get moved. After the patch the RNTO command will
contain the destination path as a parameter.

Any comments welcome,
Andreas Pardeike

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