I am responsible for a big swedish book database and thanks proftpd we
are able to handle ftp in a safe and solid way.

I use sql for authentication and logging and especially with logging I
always found proftpd's usage of paths irritating. I have an old patch
that I usually apply to mod_sql.c and I would like to share & discuss
it here:

< if (session.xfer.p && session.xfer.path) {
> if (!strcmp(cmd->argv[0], C_RNTO)) {
> sstrncpy(arg, dir_abs_path(cmd->tmp_pool, cmd->arg, TRUE),

> } else if (session.xfer.p && session.xfer.path) {

It's in the case 'F' statement inside resolve_short_tag() and will
the information that is logged in case of an RNTO command.

Would be great to incorporate this change if you think it makes sense.

Andreas Pardeike

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