Hi TJ,

I was using the default proftpd.conf that comes with the package and I have
not change anything 'cause I was testing if it runnings using the default
settings. I also tried to run it without any options and similar output was

Pls. advise if there are other things I need to config.

Thanks and regards.


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> Was there something I missed?
> # /usr/local/sbin/proftpd -p 0
> dolphin - unable to set daemon groups: Invalid argument
> dolphin - PRIVS_SETUP: unable to setgid(): Invalid argument
> dolphin - PRIVS_SETUP: unable to setreuid(): Invalid argument
> dolphin - unable to set uid to 4294967294, current uid: 0
> please help.. need help asap..

Why are you using the -p command-line option? What does your full
proftpd.conf look like?


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