On Fri, 29 Dec 2006, TJ Saunders wrote:

-> > Seems like I am missing something here. Maybe a configuration file
-> > change? If necessary, I will send my proftpd.conf file but for now I
-> > would like to know if someone has a pointer or suggestion right away...
-> Does proftpd debug logging show any messages like:
-> "...ignore empty context"

": ignoring empty context". I ran into this, but as I build with
alot of extra modules that I've been told specifically not to discuss on this
list, link with libssp and was unable to reproduce it consistantly, I couldn't
report it. In this case it ignored


...limiting commands that would deny reads or writes in the blocks.

-> If so, you might want to try the current CVS sources.

Dropping back to 1.3.0a fixed it for me, and as the ftdctrls issue doesn't
effect me in my setup I've stuck with that.

-> I recently fixed an
-> unreported bug where a configuration like:
-> DenyAll


-> would be improperly ignored.

I'm amazed no one else came across this, should have stuck out with a vanilla
build that proftpd was allowing access to things it shouldn't have.

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