Hi everybody,

I am having an expected behaviour problem with 1.3.1rc1. My previous
that I used was 1.2.10 and it seems that the handling of directory
in combination with .ftpaccess files has changed.

My file tree looks like this:

-> common login point
Dir 'B1002'
Dir 'B1279'
Dir 'B1388'

Inside each of those Bxxx directories, there is a .ftpaccess file
that looks
like this:

AllowUser amtrix,1279

where 1279 corresponds to the number in Bxxxx and 'amtrix' is some
kind of upload
service that should reach all directories. There is also an 'output'
directory that
can be read by all users.

Under 1.2.10 the behaviour is that the user 1279 can only see B1279
and output but
when I run 1.3.1rc1 it shows all directories and it might even be
that I can download
all the files anywhere.

Seems like I am missing something here. Maybe a configuration file
change? If
necessary, I will send my proftpd.conf file but for now I would like
to know if
someone has a pointer or suggestion right away...

Andreas Pardeike

PS: I compiled both src tarballs in the same way with the same
modules. I use mysql
authentication with a slightly patched mod_sql and mod_exec source.

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