> I am trying to configure ProFTPd 1.2.10 on CentOS 4.4 so that it will
> authenticate using pam_ldap with an alternate configuration file via
> config=/etc/ldap-ftp.conf so that I can set a different base dn than
> that used by the Unix logins. But despite whatever combinations I have
> tried (and I've tried scores) it appears to still always use the base dn
> in /etc/ldap.conf.

This is really more of a question for the pam_ldap mailing list, rather
than proftpd.

> * Note - for testing purposes, I put a non-existent file name in the
> AuthPAMConfig directive and ProFTPd never complains about it.

ProFTPD itself has no knowledge of allowed/bad PAM service names. The
mod_auth_pam module uses the configured PAM service name only at login
time; the PAM API does not have a way for mod_auth_pam to check, before
then, if a given PAM service name is valid or not.

> Of course debug isn't supported for pam_ldap so that's no help.
> And I cannot use mod_ldap as shadowAccount expiry isn't supported. Any
> pointers on resolving this or at least how to get better debug info?

Can you check your system's syslog (/var/log/messages, or /var/log/auth,
/var/log/secure, etc) files to see if pam_ldap logs anything useful there?


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