> proftpd server is still too "promiscuous", it still allows lftp client
> users with just SSLv2 or just SSLv3 to connect.

mod_tls specifically disables support for SSLv2, so I'd be _very_
surprised if your SSLv2 clients can succesfully login.

> So, what changes do I need to achieve this project restriction?

The error message you are seeing is caused by a SSL/TLS protocol mismatch
between the FTPS client you're using, and your proftpd+mod_tls
installation, as I already stated. To achieve your needs, you need to
ensure that the FTPS clients and mod_tls are using the same SSL/TLS

> Also, if possible, I'd like to keep the proftpd.conf directive as
> TLSProtocol TLSv1
> (not TLSProtocol SSLv23),
> to keep the project management and systems administrators from getting
> worried that their systems security has been downgraded! Would that be
> at all possible?

If your project management and system administrator base their judgments
solely on reading the config file, without bothering to read the
documentation for the directive in question:


which, by the way, mentions that SSLv2 is prohibited, then I think you
have other issues to worry about.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Know thyself.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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