I trying to get LDAP authentication with ProFTPd 1.3.0a.
I've been searching Google and the proftpd forum for a while now trying to
find a solution to the problem I am encountering.

Here is the LDAP portion of the config:

AuthOrder mod_ldap.c
LDAPServer mail.nypl.org
LDAPDoAuth on o=Nypl (uid=%v)
LDAPDefaultUID 650
LDAPDefaultGID 300
LDAPGenerateHomedir off
LDAPAuthBinds on
LDAPAttr uid cn

When I try to login, I get:

Dec 5 14:11:04 mon proftpd[14544]: ([])
- FTP session opened.
Dec 5 14:11:07 mon proftpd[14544]: ([])
- mod_ldap: pr_ldap_user_lookup(): no CN=Jay Haque,OU=MHT,O=Nypl attr for
DN homeDirectory and LDAPGenerateHomedirPrefix was not enabled!
Dec 5 14:11:07 mon proftpd[14544]: ([])
- no such user 'jhaque'

This is an FTP server with one common directory - so I don't need a home
directory every time.... I figured adding "LDAPGenerateHomedir off" would
stop it from looking for homedirectory in LDAP... but guess not. I also
can't figrue out why it says "no such user"....


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