> When transferring a file from the client to the server, this client
> checks whether the file does already exist:
> Client: PASV
> Server: 227 Entering passive mode (address, port)
> Client: LIST foo.txt
> Server: 450 foo.txt: No such file or directory
> Additionally, the data channel is immediately aborted (with RST -
> connection reset by peer) in this case. The client shows the 450 error
> message to the user and aborts.
> The older proftpd 1.2 used to do this:
> Client: LIST foo.txt
> Server: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list
> Server: 226 Transfer complete.
> In this case, the data channel is correctly closed (with FIN), as if
> an empty listing was transmitted.
> I'd like to know whether this behavior is intentional, or whether
> proftpd 1.3 can be made to behave like 1.2 did, or whether the client
> is at fault.

It's a proftpd bug:



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