I have posted this last week on forums.proftpd.org, but didn't get any
useable advice. I am thus retrying here.

I have recently migrated a server from proftpd 1.2.10 to 1.3.0a. With
this migration, one client began to misbehave. I traced this down to
the following issue:

When transferring a file from the client to the server, this client
checks whether the file does already exist:

Client: PASV
Server: 227 Entering passive mode (address, port)
Client: LIST foo.txt
Server: 450 foo.txt: No such file or directory

Additionally, the data channel is immediately aborted (with RST -
connection reset by peer) in this case. The client shows the 450 error
message to the user and aborts.

The older proftpd 1.2 used to do this:

Client: LIST foo.txt
Server: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list
Server: 226 Transfer complete.

In this case, the data channel is correctly closed (with FIN), as if
an empty listing was transmitted.

I'd like to know whether this behavior is intentional, or whether
proftpd 1.3 can be made to behave like 1.2 did, or whether the client
is at fault.


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