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On Lun 27 novembre 2006 19:54, Meier Donald a =E9crit :
> I am currently trying to bring up a new FTP server with a new version of
> proftpd to replace an old server with proftpd version 1.2.5rc1. I have
> little knowledge of TLS, SSL, proftpd or openssl and would like to
> understand these protocols and utilities better but need some
> sugesstions on reading material. I have several questions that are
> pretty basic ...

Why not use a newest version (1.2.10r7, 1.3.0a) ?

> 1. Are there two different versions of proftpd, one for xinetd and the
> other standalone? If not, how easy is it to force proftpd to work in
> the standalone mode?

No, there is only one version. Just change your configuration to be :
ServerType standalone

> 2. I have an old config for 1.2.5 will to work with the new 1.2.10
> version if I update the variables.

I think but am not sure, so try and see what appends

> 3. I have certificate and key files but the extension is not .pem. How
> do I encode them as .pem. Also the devices that proftpd is
> corresponding with may not return .pem files, is that a problem?


> 4. We are using mod_tls and there doesn't seem to be an analogous
> variable to the TlsCertOK is "TLSOptions NoCertRequest" the same?

Don't know

> 5. Are there any other TLS commands that I'll be required to use that
> may have been assumed in the 1.2.5rc1 configuration?

Don't know


> Donald Meier

Hope this Helps


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