We have an internal ftp (proftpd 1.3.0) server serving mostly large
files to anonymous users. The network is 100MBit and the server is on a
1Gbit link.

At one point I set "MaxClientsPerHost" to "1", be cause some users were
using "download accelerators" or other software, which downloaded the
same file in many threads, causing the server to spit blood. But some
users wanted to browse while downloading, so I upped "MaxClientsPerHost"
to "2".

Now I've noticed that some users still use the two slots for downloading
the same file and I assume, that this still causes a bit too much
unnecessary load. Correct?

What I'd like to do, is not allow to RETR the same file by the same IP
at the same time. Is this possible? Upgrading, modules etc are all
acceptable options.


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