On 20.11.06 17:12, kpreininger@gmx.at wrote:
> I use proftpd version 1.3.0 (stable), Scoreboard Version: 01040002, in a two node Solaris10 (patchlevel 5.10 Generic_118833-24) cluster environment, for redundancy reasons we configured two NICs' into a multipathing group (active/standby). Additionally we configured (ifconfig plumb & ifconfig ...up) five logical IPs (IP1-IP5) based on the multipathing group mentioned before.
> The proftpd.conf looks like this:
> ServerType inetd
> # the IP from host A is inserted into /etc/hosts
> Bind logical IP1
> ........

> # the IP from host B is inserted into /etc/hosts
> Bind logical IP2
> ........

> .......
> .......
> # the IP from host E is inserted into /etc/hosts
> Bind logical IP5
> ........

> I started proftpd and got errors listed below (during my debug sessions I
> used the ServerType standalone); meanwhile we build a workaround using the
> directives ServerType standalone instead of inetd, followed by
> SocketBindTight on, Bind IP1 - Bind IP5 and no more . The
> standalone solution with SocketBindTight on is unflexible compared to the
> inetd original inetd config, so does somebody know a better solution or a
> fix for the errors?

Remove all those Bind directives. They configure additional IP to run at,
not the main IP - it's defined in

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