On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Jason Morehouse wrote:

-> I'm having problems compiling mod_vroot into proftp 1.3.0. When I build the
-> source, as a module, I get:
-> Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-dfsg-1.3.0/contrib/mod_vroot'
-> *** No rule to make target `static'. Stop.
-> If I compile it shared, I get:
-> *** No rule to make target `shared'. Stop.
-> Entering directory `/usr/src/proftpd-dfsg-1.3.0/contrib/mod_vroot'
-> e
-> Is anyone using proftp 1.3x with mod_vroot?

Yeah, I've got it here. Something like ./configure
--(options) --with-shared=mod_vroot --(more options) did it for me, using
source off the proftpd site.

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