> Why are you using Ports for the different Virtual Hosts? I am running
> MULTIPLE Virtual Hosts on one IP and all goes through the same port.
> By the way... When you go to the website address from outside your IP
> range, does the websites open up fine without any problem?
> If it does, I will still change it to something like this:
> In the httpd.conf (or the /extra/vhosts file if you did that...) I will
> create the Virtual Host like this:
> ServerName www.myspace.com
> DocumentRoot /home/www/myspace
> CustomLog logs/www.myspace.com-access_log combined
> ErrorLog logs/www.myspace.com-error_log

> Note that it listens on all the IP's and on port 80 (as default). Now,
> all the Virtual hosts you set up like above in apache.

This works for HTTP/1.1, but NOT for FTP; the FTP protocol does not
support name-based virtual hosts. That's why FTP virtual hosts require
different IP addresses, or the same IP address and different ports.


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