Hallo TJ,

Op 11 Oct 06 schreef proftp-user@lists.sourceforge.net:

>> > Now when I try to log in as "anonymous", I get the message

>> that > the login failed.
>> http://www.castaglia.org/proftpd/doc...oFTPD-mini-HOW
>> TO-Debugging.htm

pu> I have looked at this, but the debug messages I get don't help
pu> me any further.

Today I looked closer at the debug output and compared it to one
from my old system. And I looked into the FAQ.
I had totally missed the /etc/ftpusers file (
Just one question about that: why is it in /etc, not in
/usr/local/etc like the proftpd.conf file?



jdh punt beekhuizen bij duinheks punt xs4all punt nl

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