I have tried downloading the file in binary mode, ascii mode. Same luck.
Tried activating the ''DefaultTransferMode binary" didn't work as well.

Also the http://galaxy.ps.uci.edu/users/esirko/howto/crlf.html page says
clearly that MS-Word and WordPad can handle these kinds of files perfectly
well. I don't know whats going wrong here.

I will try the "UseSendfile off" option and get back with an update


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Subject: Re: [Proftpd-user] Strange File Corruption problem

> WordPad, the o/p is not what I want. The file is not corrupted, but I get

> extra carriage return.

This is because Unix and Windows differ on the expected characters:


Due to this, you might try downloading the file in 'binary' mode, rather
than in 'ASCII' mode.

> #DefaultTransferMode binary

You might try re-enabling this option. Additionally, there are reports
that Solaris and sendfile optimizations don't work so well together, so I
would recommend adding the following to your proftpd.conf:

UseSendfile off

Hope this helps,

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