> Now when I try to log in as "anonymous", I get the message that
> the login failed. Logging in as a real user works perfectly. It
> fails bth for local and for remote logins.
> What might be the problem?
> The log shows:
> duinheks.xs4all.nl 0 nobody [10/Oct/2006:13:32:09 +0200] "USER anonymous" 331
> duinheks.xs4all.nl 0 nobody [10/Oct/2006:13:32:10 +0200] "PASS(hidden)" 530 -
> duinheks.xs4all.nl 0 nobody [10/Oct/2006:13:32:10 +0200] "SYST" 215 -
> duinheks.xs4all.nl 0 nobody [10/Oct/2006:13:32:20 +0200] "QUIT" 221 -

The above is an ExtendedLog. For this, you need to look at proftpd debug



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