I'm running a version 1.2.10-27ubuntu3 proftpd server at home
(small network, no public/anonymous users). This machine also
has sshd server running which I use to check email, usenet etc.
It sits behind my ADSL2 router. I port-forward port 22 to the
ubuntu machine and all works fine.

I read recently about running proftpd over ssh tunnelling and
would like to implement that. I read some of the instructions on
how to do it and believe I've followed the examples, but am
having trouble "finishing" the connection.

Client runs PuTTY on Windows, local port 2222 should tunnel to
ftp server 21. Then using windows ftp software (FlashFXP) should
be able to ftp localhost:2222 and connect. It gets most of the
way, but getting "Data Socket Error: Connection refused", "List
Error", "PASV mode failed, trying PORT mode" errors; then it
tries PORT mode and connects successfully but upon LIST again it
gets "425 Unable to build data connection: Connection refused"
List error.

If I try to upload something the filename does appear on the
server, but the size of file is zero. But that means it's
connecting to some extent.

Server has 'AllowForeignAddress on' set as in the examples.
Also have tried 'MasqueradeAddress' and
'MasqueradeAddress myhomexxxx.dyndns.org' to no avail thinking it
could be localhost/localhost confusion.

Any ideas?

Troy Piggins
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