I would agree with your thoughts.

For what its worth Solaris/Unix systems by default have a limit of 16 groups for

I know Solaris has an additional mechanism called RBAC (Role Based Access
Control) which can be used to go beyond the standard Unix stuff, and also
provide finer-grained access control in this area.

Does anyone know if Linux has a similar mechanism?

Jerry K

TJ Saunders wrote:
>> We are using proftpd for an ftp server on a Linux box. For each directory,
>> I create a group. And I control which directory an ftp user can have
>> access to by putting the user into different groups. But I run across a
>> problem. If a user is put into about 35 groups, he will loss access to all
>> directories after login through FTP. Even though he can 'ls' them, but he
>> can not 'cd' them. The error message is "access denied". Could anybody
>> tell me how to work around it.

> This, I believe, is a relevant FAQ:
> There is a OS limit to the number of groups to which a user can belong;
> there is nothing proftpd can do to work around OS limits like this.
> TJ

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