We're using proftpd 1.3.0 on AIX 5.2. We receive lots of files from
trading partners and to avoid polling hundreds of directories we monitor
the xferlog to see what has been received.

To make sure we don't miss anything, the xferlog file has been converted to
a FIFO/named pipe( as per

Reading the xferlog FIFO is a small Java program. If nothing is reading
the FIFO (e.g. if the Java program crashes) we want to make sure that no
files are processed (we don't want to miss anything).

If the FIFO reader is not running when a new user logs in, it works fine -
FTP hangs after the log in screen. However for users already logged in, if
the FIFO reader crashes then they can still transfer data and no xferlog
information is captured anywhere.

is there a way round this? (to stop all transfers if the xferlog FIFO
reader has crashed)

Alternatively we could have a program monitor the FIFO reader and do an
"ftpshut now" to log off all users and prevent new users logging in.
However this does not work either. When I run "ftpshut now" it doesn't log
off existing users, it only prevents new users from logging in.

Is there a way round this too? (apart from killing all active FTP sessions


Olly Cruickshank

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