TJ Saunders wrote:
>> No change, same error. I can do what I want I think with just
>> mod_sql_mysql and mod_quotatab_sql. It builds just fine without
>> mod_conf_sql so for the time being I think I will just move ahead.
>> Just for the record I used these versions.
>> FreeBSD 6.1 Sparc 64
>> Proftpd 1.3.0
>> mod_conf_sql 0.7.1
>> MySQL 4.1.18

> Hmm. I suspect that the issue is caused by mod_sql's handling of its
> backend modules (e.g. mod_sql_mysql); there was an issue that was fixed in
> CVS recently around this.
> Using the current CVS sources and mod_conf_sql-0.7.1, I was unable to
> reproduce those errors, if it helps.

I'll likely come back to it I am sure. For now I am up and running, I'll
read up on the docs for Groups and Users and by then my developer should
have the interface to SQL done, and we will see if it does what we need
without mod_conf_sql.

I appreciate the checkup ;^)

I really appreciate It has been quite


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