On 07.09.06 18:57, Thomas L. Shinnick wrote:
> I have been given two IPs to play with on a server and I wanted
> ProFTPD to run on only those two IPs (no grabbing every IP on the
> server). I also wanted to make the configuration read as clearly as
> possible, by putting the very different configurations for each site
> into separate sections. And so I wanted to use *only*
> two sections and omit/discard/disable the server context.
> I have found what works, but I can't see where it is mentioned
> (enabling use of only sections) except cumulatively and
> indirectly.
> What works is to specify both
> Port 0
> and
> SocketBindTight on
> in the "server context", as in the following abridged configuration:

We've been running proftpd with such configuration for years, because of the
same reason.

> I've seen mentions of SocketBindTight to avoid grabbing all IPs on a
> server. And I've seen mentions of "Port 0" to disable a particular
> section's IP use. Is the combination of these, to allow sole use of
> sections to define sites, documented explicitly
> somewhere that I've missed?

I don't think so. Maybe it's not bad idea to document this in FAQ or
Configuration guide, but afaik it's not there yes.

However when I was searching for such configuration, I've been asking on
this list about this issue, so the discussion should be in the list archives.

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