> > I would like to have ftp://my.ftp/pub/people/, and in this
> > people-directory all users with a public_ftp in their ~ are listed, so
> > it is an easy way of serving files of users via anonymous FTP.

On 07.09.06 12:57, Alex V. wrote:
> - Create a link a all existing users (even if the link is invalid) to
> their ~/public_ftp in your ftp tree
> - Modify your adduser script to add this link when a user is added

you will have to use mod_vroot for this. standard chroot expand symlinks
according to current root, so you can't escape from your directory this way.

.... our customers just connect via FTP to anonymous FTP server, and they
their own subdirectories under it. Yes, this requires extra IP.
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